On this page I want you guys to get to know me better and of course, I want to let you know about all the things that are happening in my career. I was born in Brasov, on 24 January 1986, I have a wonderful family, with two brothers older than me. They took care of me and protected me even when I was a troublemaker. And this is why they never got bored whenever I was around.

Practicing sport was always like a hobby who helped me stay in shape. I was never the type of student who liked to skip gym class. I played football for a while in a small club in Brasov, and after that in high school, I really liked playing basketball and actually I made it in the high school team. That was a great feeling. For me, that was the time I was looking to see in what area I can be great at.

And lucky for me, I found out what I love to do pretty soon. I was 17 years old when I discovered how much I loved to do Flair and I started to practice. I participated in hundreds of shows around the world, but the most recent one was my qualification in the final on the show Romanii au Talent/Romania’s got talent. This show helped me gain more confidence and after the show people started to know who I was.

Flair bar tending has become like a sport for me and at the same time, I see it as art, practicing 4 hours a day so I can compete with any bartender in this world. Eight years ago, I joined Exquisite Bar Solutions team and here, with Ionut Ivanov, I teach to the young bartenders the art of flair. Maybe you won’t believe me, but I started as a Bartender in a Casino from Brasov.

I started to invest time and money in practicing because that’s how you become the best in what you do. The words that define me are: determination, persistence, style and originality.

Luca Valentin