I was born in BraÈ™ov, one of Romania’s most known and visited cities, on the 24th of January 1986. I grew up in a wonderful family, with two brothers older than me. Even if I was a troublemaker, I always felt protected by them. It was awesome to experience unconditional love firsthand. It helped me grow.

Sports represented an important part of my life ever since I was a child. I was the first in gym classes but also on the football field, practicing, as I used to play for a small club in my hometown. In high school, I discovered basketball and even made it to the team. My teenage years were significant for me because I was trying out all sorts of activities looking to see which fit me best.

Soon I discovered what I love to do, and it became my full-time job and passion: flair bartending. I was only 17 years old when I started to practice on my own, inspired by people in the USA doing this and trying to become as great, even greater. I started to participate in talent shows worldwide with my newly discovered skill and interest. But my big breakthrough was Romania’s Got Talent where I qualified in the finals. The exposure I had in this show helped me gain more confidence and I also started to get noticed by larger audiences and businesses interested in collaborating with me.

Flair bartending was like sports to me. I was practicing 6-7 hours a day, trying to be better as time went by. Now that I was known, it was even more important to not disappoint and show everyone I had what it takes to master flair. My core values are determination, persistence, style, and originality.

These values took me where I am today as part of Exquisite Bar Solutions, an agency mainly specialized in hosting training for bar managers and bartenders and organizing events and workshops. Alongside a great team, I teach young bartenders the art of flair. I believe in paying it forward and contributing to the education of young people interested in hospitality!

Luca Valentin